City Garage / Library (1941-1988)

Organized by Elmer Skinner In 1941, acting on the suggestions of the Catholic Study Club, the New Baltimore Public Library started in the cramped 450 square feet of office space in the city municipal garage. It's first books from it's 400 title catalog were checked out by Mayor Engleman on June 14, 1941.  The library rapidly expanded, and by 1949 was using the entire building. By its 20th year, the library owned more than 6,000 books and was open 31 hours per week.

In 1956, the aging building was remodeled inside and out at the expense of $2655.00. The building was rededicated on June 14, 1958, its 17th anniversary.

In 1988, due to a growing population, the library moved from this Washington Street location to the renovated storage facility donated by local business owners and philanthropists, Stuart and Velma MacDonald.

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