Red Ribbon Hall (1857) Kleehammer's Saloon (1900-1920s) Christie Funeral Home (1920s-2000s)

Louis Kleehammer (1855-1916) developed this property where John Kleehammer operated a saloon around 1910. Some time in the 1920s, Frank Christie moved into the building and used it as Funeral Home. Christie later purchased the property from Kleehammer. It had been a funeral home until the mid 2000's. In 2018 work began to rehabilitate the property. The garage (which was added on in the early funeral home days) was demolished and a new two-story business/residential structure was built adjoining it.

Before Kleehammer's Saloon was built, this corner was home to the Red Ribbon Hall. Local townspeople came to the hall for dancing, partying, watching shows and plays. It was also a meeting place for local Masonic groups.